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Ponder Service, Inc. is proud to offer geothermal technology, service, and expertise to the people of Southern Illinois.  Geothermal is advantageous for several reasons including energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, comfort, and reliability.  Financially, geothermal units will save you money on your monthly heating and cooling bills as well as potentially qualifying you for a 30% tax credit through 2016.

What is geothermal HVAC?

Instead of heating or cooling your home in a traditional manner which you may be accustomed to such as burning fossil fuels or using electricity, geothermal relies on the temperature of the earth.  Despite ever-fluctuating air temperatures, the temperature within the earth remains extremely stable.  We are able to take advantage of this fact by realizing that in the summer, the temperature in the earth is cooler than that of the air.  Likewise, during the winter, the temperature in the earth is warmer than that of the air.  This makes for a much smarter way to heat and cool your home or business.

How do geothermal heating and cooling systems work?

With a basic understanding of the principle of geothermal, the logistics of how a geothermal unit works are pretty simple.  The process is actually comparable to a heat pump in concept.  Your home is heated in the winter by drawing heat into your home from the earth.  Conversely, your home is cooled by moving heat from your home back into the earth.  Geothermal is flexible in terms of configuration so that most regions can take advantage of it.  There are four different configurations available including Open Loop, Pond Loop, Horizontal Loop, and Vertical Loop.  These loops are all very different and have a range of benefits for the homeowner.  Here at Ponder Service, Inc., we will work with you to determine which configuration works the best for you.